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  • 29th European Dermocosmetology Days

    29th European Dermocosmetology Days

    This 29th edition will be dedicated to "Intercellular exchanges in cutaneous tissues: which prospects for fragile skins in dermocosmetology?"


    Insights into intercellular communication from inherited skin diseases
    Pr David KELSELL - Blizard Institute / Barts and the London Medical School / Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research

    The keratinocytes / microenvironment crosstalk: a bidirectional dialogue within adhesion microdomains

    The role of the extracellular vesicles and the intercellular communication

    La peau de l’enfant et son développement : de l’état de l’art à une approche appliquée
    Stéphanie BREDIF – Laboratoires Expanscience

    Corneocytes nano-mechanical properties changes indicate alteration of the skin barrier
    Pascale MILANI – BioMeca

    Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in the engineering of artificial keratinocytes
    Dr Marina TROUILLAS - Centre de Transfusion Sanguine des Armées

    Adhesion and communication between keratinoctyes: state of the art, study models
    Céline LAPERDRIX – Groupe Rocher

    Atopic Dermatitis: modelling studies through relevant 3D models
    Pauline ROUAUD-TINGUELY - Silab

    Communications intercellulaires induites par une inflammation vasculaire cutanée

    3D Bioprinting of adipose tissue: towards a tri-layered full-skin equivalent
    Dr Christophe MARQUETTE - CNRS 5246 ICBMS Université Lyon 1

    Reconnecting fibroblast to its environment to enhance skin health
    Aïna QUEIROZ – ID Bio

    Functional analysis of signaling pathway with mass spectrometry based Proteomics: New tools for skin biology knowledge; case of fibroblasts
    Jean-Marc MONNEUSE - Phylogène

    Parabiose cellulaire et homéostasie tissulaire                 
    Pr Miroslav RADMAN– MedILS - NaosILS (Croatie)

    New concepts in epidermal homeostasis and pigmentation Nicolas JOLY-TONETTI - Johnson&Johnson Santé Beauté France

    World first ex vivo 3D sebaceous gland platform to study active ingredients effect on sebum production
    Nico FORRAZ – CTIBiotech

    Neuro-cutaneous synapses
    Dr Matthieu TALAGAS – LIEN EA4685 CHU de Brest

    The neuro-immune fonctions of Keratinocytes : effects of sulphide ion and therapeutic implications in the context of skin wound healing
    Olivia GROSS AMAT – CHU Lyon

    Release of glutamate promotes cell to cell communication between keratinocytes and sensory neuronal cells under mechanical stimulation
    Kaori INOUE - Shiseido

    Immunocompetent 3D skin models: innovative tools to study sensitive skin
    Isabelle LORTHOIS – LabSkin Creations

    Implication of an immune component in studying skin response to stress in vitro
    Marisa MELONI - VitroScreen

    Potential role of skin-microbiota communication in neurogenic inflammation and cuteneous homeostasis                    
    Pr Pr Marc FEUILLOLEY - LMSM EA4312 Université de Rouen - IUT Evreux

    Impact de la flore cutanée sur la réponse immunitaire dans la Dermatite Atopique et rôle des émollients
    Daniel REDOULES – Avène Pierre Fabre Dermocosmétique

    Modulation du dialogue intracellulaire par les nanovecteurs   

    Comment approcher le marché des personnes présentant une peau fragilisée
    Students of IPIL/Lyon 1University

    Medical device instead of cosmetic product for weakened skins? Design approach and impact on regulatory dossier        
    Sandra DEJEAN - One Health Compliance

    Poster :

    Real-Time Assays to Monitor Cell Health for In Vitro ToxicoKinetic Models
    Pierre-Olivier CUOC - Promega

    Tissue Manufacturing by Bioprinting: Opportunities with NGB-platform
    Kevin FOURNIER - Poietis

    They have registered: Gattefossé ° Laboratoire Insphy ° Phenocell ° Exsymol ° Laboratoire Nuxe ° Mibelle AG Biochemistry ° SFC ° Episkin ° Provital France ° Biocosmethic ° UCBL 1 ° SRC-Groupe Nuxe ° Groupe Naos ° Safic Alcan ° Laboratoire Dermscan ° Lonza AG ° AF Consulting ° Givaudan ° Lipoïd ° Saci-Cfpa ° Phylogène ° HCS Pharma ° Plant Advanced Technologies ° Nagase ° Alès groupe ° Altrabio ° Dermatec ° Biologique Recherche ° Skinobs ° Groupe Rocher ° Strand Cosmetics Europe ° Greentech ° Promega ° CoBu ° BASF Beauty Care Solutions ° IBCP ° Symrise ° Solabia ° StratiCell ° Pierre Fabre Dermocosmétique ° Expression Cosmétique ° Silab ° Shiseido ° Albion ° Alpol Cosmétique ° Galderma ° Skin-Dlite ° Laboratoires Novapharm ° Chanel Parfums Beauté ° Rodan + Fileds ° Poietis ° Synelvia ° Premium Beauty News ° Kose Corporation ° Unifarco ° L’Oréal ° Lipotec ° Lyonbiopôle ° CTIBiotech ° Urgo RID ° Syntivia ° Leica Biosystems ° Labskin Creations ° Laboratoires Expanscience ° LVMH Recherche ° Laboratoires Clarins ° ADERLY InvestinLyon ° ID Bio/Seqens ° Caudalie ° Neuron Experts ° Sederma ° Activen ° Chromacim ° INSERM Collège de France ° MédiAge °

    Program (2.4 Mb)

    Hotels (160.4 kb)

  • Authenticating raw materials is a strategic issue

    Patrick JAME, Manager of the isotopic and organic analysis platform at the Institute of Analytical Sciences of Villeurbanne (near Lyon) explains how within a context of increasing requirements as regards transparency, traceability, and responsability, the control of quality, but also of the raw materials’ origin becomes a strategic element for cosmetic brands.

    See below the interview he gave to Premium Beauty News

    see the interview (971.1 kb)

  • 3rd FORMUL'TECH Day in Lyon

    3rd FORMUL’TECH Day in Lyon

    Minimal cosmetics: simpler, healthier, safer, more sensory... What else?

    Beyond consumer trends, whether they come from Korea or California, what new practices must be adopted to meet the high expectations of the market? 

    What solutions are available to formulators to build brand loyalty and credibility?

    Save the date: Tuesday 30 October, 2018

    Venue: ITECH

    with the participation of Cosmetique Inspiration & Creations, Ionisos, Promens, Gattefosse, Greentech, Experis

    Further information to come soon - lectures are in French

    Formul’tech program 2018 (284.4 kb)

  • An interview of Mathieu HEBERT, University J. Monnet - Saint Etienne

    Mathieu HEBERT, professor and researcher at Jean Monnet University in Saint Etienne and at Institut d’Optique Graduate School Paris Tech, gave a lecture at the "Cosmet In Lyon Day"held by the CED, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon Metropole and University Claude Bernard of Lyon at a workshop dedicated to "Creativity - strategy and sensoriality". 

    See the interview he gave to Premium Beauty News and discover how optics offer a strong innovation potential for cosmetics.

    see the interview (1 Mb)


    Thursday, May 31, 2018

    Cosmeto-Pharma technical meeting: Different standards for common requirements? Changes due to the application of NF EN ISO 22716 standards. Lectures in French.

    Program (30.7 kb)



    September 25, 2018

    The CED and Lyonbiopole will be organizing the 2d AURA Skin Biology Network on cutaneous aging in order to promote the expertise and ressources in cutaneous biology of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


    AURA Skin Biology Network (31.3 kb)

  • TASS(K)IN Beauty Days

    May 3, 4 and 5, 2018

    A public event dedicated to beauty and an opportunity to answer consumers’ queries and concerns 





    Tass(k)in program (14 kb)

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