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    NOVEMBER 21, 2017 : Formul’Tech Day
    on "Formulation and evaluation of sun care products" - in French
    MARCH 2018 : business meeting
    with the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Lyon 1 University
  • OCTOBER 3, 2017 : 3D Skin tissue engineering day

    In partnership with SFBMEc on "Improvement, preservation and vascularization of 3D skin models - breaking news and application"

    Simultaneous English translation


    Pandora’s SkinBox: modulable bioprinted 3D skin models to fast track dermo-cosmetics innovation
    Nico FORRAZ – CTI Biotech

    3D impression technologies for the synthesis of living tissues: feedback and new perspectives
    Christophe MARQUETTE - CNRS / Université de Lyon

    Towards Bioprinting industrialization
    Fabien GUILLEMOT - Poïetis

    Blood and lymphatic microvascularization of a self-assembled human skin substitute
    Laure GIBOT - IPBS-CNRS UMR5089

    Development of a vascularized, innervated and immunocompetent human tissue-engineered skin
    François BERTHOD – Université Laval Département de Chirurgie Faculté de Médecine

    4D Laser Assisted Bioprinted skin equivalent for Cosmetic efficacies evaluation
    Valérie ANDRÉ - BASF Beauty Care Solutions

    3D scaffold free dermopapilla model development and characterization
    Marisa MELONI et Elisa CAVIOLA - VitroScreen

    Predicting human skin responses with ready-to-use NativeSkin ex vivo models
    Emeline PAGÈS – Genoskin

    SkinVasc®: a new in vitro reconstructed vascularized skin model composed of human cells

    Complexification of in vitro 3D skin models: Sensory aspects and atopic skin
    Michel SALMON - StratiCELL

    Reconstructed human skin models, a step forward with integration of immune and microbiota components
    Christian PELLEVOISIN - Episkin

    See the registration form (62.1 kb)

    See the program (135.9 kb)

  • Continuous training in cosmetic regulation

    Continuous training in cosmetic regulation

    Continuous training in French in cosmetic regulation organized in collaboration with the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Industry) with a focus on "Risks management and changes mastering linked to a formulation modification : methodology and applications" moderated by Mrs Catherine Bramaud and Mr Jean-Michel Thèvenin. October 4 and 5, 2017

  • Continuous training

    Continuous training

    Continuous training in French on "cosmetic products packaging : production management from the raw materials suppliers to the marketing of the products" organized in partnership with ALIZE Plasturgie. Second session on June 27 and 28, 2017. 

  • An interview of Dr Berangere Fromy, CNRS

    An interview of Dr Berangere Fromy, CNRS

    Dr Berangere Fromy, CNRS Research Director in the Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering of Lyon declares that "Changes in the rheological properties of the skin open very promising prospects" to the web magazine Premium Beauty News.

    (150.3 kb)

  • 28th European Dermocosmetology Days

    28th European Dermocosmetology Days

    Pierre-Henri Gouyon, Researcher and Professor at the French Museum of Natural History and Agro Paris Tech opened the 28th European Dermocosmetology Days hold in Lyon on Jan. 30 and 31 and dedicated to "personalized genomics and epigenetics as a future prospect for dermocosmetology".

    see the interview (74.7 kb)

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