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Laurent BUFFAT
30 rue Pré Gaudry
69007 LYON
T : 04 26 84 69 63
F : 09 57 49 03 01

AltraBio is a R&D company created in 2006 and specialised in the treatment, analysis and interpretation of data derived from omics and cytometry studies, data-mining and development of new analytical tools.
11 years of expertise allow us to make the most of your data. AltraBio’s activity can be divided in three main sectors:
• Data generation for genomics and transcriptomics studies (microarray, RNASeq,…) through an 11-year partnership with a genomics core facility;
• Data processing and analysis (PCA, hierarchical clustering, heat-maps, ad-hoc statistical models, multivariate and predictive analyses, genesets enrichment,…);
• Biological interpretation to elucidate the meaning of the statistical outputs within the context of the experimental study.

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