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JANUARY 30 & 31 2017: 28th European Dermocosmetology Days

The 28th European Dermocosmetology Days will take place in Lyon on January 30 and 31, 2017 and will focus on "Personalized genomics and epigenetics, the future of dermocosmetology?"

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The innate, the acquired, the information ... the thread of life
Pr Pierre-Henri GOUYON- Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité – MNHN-CNRS, UMR 7205

Ethics of personalized genomics
Dr Catherine DEKEUWER-CARRIER- Université Lyon 3 

Genomic and epigenomic approaches for deciphering gene circuitries involved in the control of human epidermal precursor cell immature status

Long non-coding RNAs control epidermal homeostasis
Dr Markus KRETZ- Universität Regensburg

MicroRNAs in skinhomeostasis and aging

Epigenetics and skin/nervous system connections
Pr Serge NATAF- CHU Lyon (Hospices Civils de Lyon), INSERM 1060 

Epigenetic regulation of elastic fibers: from pathology to skin care
Dr Romain DEBRET- UMR5305 (IBCP-CNRS/UCBL) / BASF Beauty Care Solutions

Impacts of short and repeated climate change on the differentiation and matrix remodeling of a reconstructed human skin model
Christelle GUERE – Laboratoires Clarins

Epigenetic science: discovery of new target biomarkers involved in skin aging
Laurie VERZEAUX – Silab

Fighting against photo-aging by blocking the effect of small size UVB-activated non-coding RNA
Olivier PAQUATTE– Safic Alcan / Ichimaru Pharcos

Genomics and Bioinformatics: rocket science from biotechnology to create new efficacies in dermocosmetology?
Bethsabée COUTAZ- Activen

Personalized medicine and genomics: “science fiction or reality”
Philippe BENECH- Genex

Multi-omic approaches soon available in dermocosmetics
Gilbert SKORSKI- Phylogene

MicroRNAs as mediators of intercellular communication
Gaëlle SAINT-AURET – Genel

New advances in Chromatin and miRNA studies
Sarantis CHLAMYDAS- Active Motif

Epigenetics associated to environmental stresses and skin aging
Marisa MELONI– VitroScreen

Taking the guesswork out of skin care - a journey from the DNA lab to the consumer
Elisabet HAGERT – Allél

An approach for customizing skin care
Helen KNAGGS– Nu Skin Enterprises

Personalized genomics and how to market new dermocosmetic products
Malena LAGERHORN – Infinigra AB

Encapsulation strategy of "genetic materials": issues and difficulties
Dr Giovanna LOLLO– LAGEP

Which regulation for these new products?
Stéphanie MOULIN (EquiTox) and Anne CHARPENTIER (Skinobs)

How to take care of our telomeres to be healthy?
Lydia LEDOUX- Digital Beauty®

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