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OCTOBER 3, 2017 : 3D Skin tissue engineering day

In partnership with SFBMEc on "Improvement, preservation and vascularization of 3D skin models - breaking news and application"

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Pandora’s SkinBox: modulable bioprinted 3D skin models to fast track dermo-cosmetics innovation
Nico FORRAZ – CTI Biotech

3D impression technologies for the synthesis of living tissues: feedback and new perspectives
Christophe MARQUETTE - CNRS / Université de Lyon

Towards Bioprinting industrialization
Fabien GUILLEMOT - Poïetis

Blood and lymphatic microvascularization of a self-assembled human skin substitute

Development of a vascularized, innervated and immunocompetent human tissue-engineered skin
François BERTHOD – Université Laval Département de Chirurgie Faculté de Médecine

4D Laser Assisted Bioprinted skin equivalent for Cosmetic efficacies evaluation
Valérie ANDRÉ - BASF Beauty Care Solutions

3D scaffold free dermopapilla model development and characterization
Marisa MELONI et Elisa CAVIOLA - VitroScreen

Predicting human skin responses with ready-to-use NativeSkin ex vivo models
Emeline PAGÈS – Genoskin

SkinVasc®: a new in vitro reconstructed vascularized skin model composed of human cells

Complexification of in vitro 3D skin models: Sensory aspects and atopic skin
Michel SALMON - StratiCELL

Reconstructed human skin models, a step forward with integration of immune and microbiota components
Christian PELLEVOISIN - Episkin

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