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Skinobs : the 1st web platform dedicated to in vivo efficacy cosmetics

Skinobs.com (http://skinobs.com/index.php?lang=en) is the1st platform dedicated to in human efficacy cosmetics testing. In 2 clicks and for free, Skinobs allows cosmeticians to identify the in vivo efficacy methods and the testing laboratories suitable for any product claim. It is a comprehensive and independent tool which optimizes the development of products in terms of performance, cost, speed, and innovation. R&D managers, formulators, marketers and regulatory authorities in charge of the products or ingredients evaluation will find Skinobs a unique support that answers all their questions about skin testing: what method, what device, what CRO’s...?

Skinobs. News (http://skinobs.com/news/en/) is the 1st market and technology intelligence tool for cosmetic testing (available from 2015), covering topics linking chemical analysis, toxicology,tolerance, in vitro and in vivo efficacy, use tests and sensory tests.

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